A Tribute to Margie

During the past year, our family and company have been mourning the loss of our President, Margie Stultz, on August 31, 2015.  We would like to reflect on her life and dedication to this company.
Margie was the eldest daughter of Stanley and Eda Bollman, the founders of Bollman Charter Service.  In 1949 she married Joseph Stultz and had 5 children. In 1955 she opened her own beauty shop - Marjorie's Beauty Shop. 
When Stanley and Elda built their first bus garage and began offering tours to the public, they had their company phone line installed as a party line with Margie's home phone,  When Elda could not be in the office, Margie would answer the phone calls, handle the reservations and other needs. Margie also helped Elda develop tours during those formative years of the business.
In 1970 Joe retired from his truck-driving career and began driving full-time at Bollman Charter. Margie became more involved with the business, along with keeping her beauty shop running full time.  In the late 1970's and 80's, Margie and Joe would spend the winter months in Bonita Springs, FL.  They took a bus to Florida with them and offered tours from Bonita Sprngs to many destinations in the state of Florida.
As time went by, Margie began coming into the office more and more and had a daily hands-on approach to her work.  In 1990 she left the beauty shop in capable hands and devoted her life to the buses and tours.  She gained an incredible knowledge of the United States and Canada.  She read tour publications and met with representatives from different areas at the American Bus Marketplace every year. She loved learning and had a vast knowledge of destinations, distances between cities, and places to stay. She made putting a tour together seem very easy.
In 2001 after the passing of her mother, Elda Bollman, Margie became president of Bollman Charter Service.  Not only was she a wealth of knowledge regarding tours, but she was on top of what needed to be done with the buses mechanically, and she had her finger on a little bit of every aspect of the business.
Her passion in life was traveling on her motorcoaches and sharing her knowledge of the United States and Canada with her many passengers.
In a  fitting tribute to her passion, her last ride on earth to her final resting place was via a motorcoach.
Margie will not only be missed on tours, but her presence will be greatly missed in our office.  She was a loving Mother, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Grandma, Great-Grandma, Employer and Friend.

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